Palmar aponeurosis

Last revised by Craig Hacking on 24 Aug 2021

The palmar aponeurosis is the thickened strong part of the palmar fascia in the hand which is continuous with the flexor retinaculum and the tendon of palmaris longus tendon. It is superficial to the long flexor tendons and is an inverted triangle in shape, fanning over the palm and thinning medially and laterally over the hypothenar and thenar muscles, respectively. Distally it dividies into four slips attaching to the second to fifth fingers:

  • superficial fibers insert into the skin at the crease of the MCP joints
  • deep (main) fibers insert into:
    • the proximal end of the flexor sheaths
    • the deep transverse ligament of the palm
    • the bases of the proximal phalanges

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