Pectineus muscle

Last revised by Yoshi Yu on 18 Jan 2023

The pectineus is a flat quadrangular muscle located at the anterior part of the upper medial aspect of the thigh. As it receives dual-innervation it can be classified as either within the medial compartment or the anterior compartment of the thigh.


  • origin: pectineal line (pecten pubis) of the pubic bone

  • insertion: pectineal line of the femur, an oblique line extending from base of the lesser trochanter to linea aspera on the posterior surface of the femur

  • action: adducts and flexes thigh at hip joint

  • arterial supply: superficial part by medial circumflex femoral artery and deep part by the anterior branch of obturator artery

  • innervationfemoral nerve anteriorly, a branch of obturator nerve, the accessory obturator nerve, to the smaller posterior part of the muscle.

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