Periampullary diverticulum

Last revised by Ammar Haouimi on 14 Nov 2021

A periampullary diverticulum is a location-specific type of duodenal diverticulum

The incidence is reported to increase with age with reported rates as high as 27%.

It is located close to the region of the ampulla of Vater often involving the D2 segment. 

  • can be associated with increased risk of failure in cannulation of the papilla.
  • associated with an incompetent sphincter of Oddi and colonization of the bile ducts with beta-glucuronidase-producing organisms.
  • implicated in the pathogenesis of pigment common bile duct stones, but there is no conclusive evidence that they are associated with cholecystolithiasis or pancreatitis. 

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Cases and figures

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  • Case 4: with Lemmel syndrome
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