Peroneal magnus artery

Last revised by Ashraf Amir Ali on 24 Feb 2021

The peroneal magnus artery or peronea arteria magna (PAM) is a congenital variant of the arterial supply of the leg, where both the anterior and posterior tibial arteries are hypoplastic and a large dominant peroneal artery supplies the whole leg and foot. It is seen in up to 5% of people 1,3.

Related pathology

It is of clinical significance 2 in plastic surgery when graft harvest is performed, which can lead to increased complications at the donor site. Foot ischemia is possible following harvest surgery or with atherosclerotic disease or trauma that would otherwise to lead to ischemia in the presence of normal 3 vessel runoff. For preharvest imaging MR angiography is performed as distal pulses may be normal in peroneal artery dominance 2 .

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