Peroneal retinaculum

Last revised by Bahman Rasuli on 27 Mar 2021

The peroneal retinaculum also termed the fibular retinaculum, consists of band shaped thickenings of deep fascia located posterior and inferiorly to the distal aspect of the fibula

Gross anatomy

The peroneal retinaculum is divided into the superior and inferior peroneal retinaculum 1. They house the tendons of fibularis longus and brevis as they pass through the lateral aspect of the ankle joint posterior to the lateral malleolus 1

The superior peroneal retinaculum inserts at the lateral malleolus and extends to the lateral aspect of the calcaneus and the deep fascia of the leg 1

The inferior peroneal retinaculum is a continuation of the inferior extensor retinaculum of the foot, extending posteriorly and laterally to attach to the lateral aspect of the calcaneus 1.

Related pathology

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