Peroneal tubercle

Last revised by Henry Knipe on 20 Jan 2024

The peroneal tubercle (also known as the peroneal trochlea) is one of the two bony projections or protuberances that may be seen on the lateral aspect of the calcaneus, the other one being the retrotrochlear eminence.

Gross anatomy

The peroneal tubercle is present immediately inferior to the fibular malleolus, lying in between the two tendons, it separates the tendons of peroneus brevis and the peroneus longus. The common synovial sheath that covers the two tendons proximal to the tubercle divides into two slips to individually enclose the peroneal tendons at the tubercle and beyond. The peroneus brevis lies superior to the tubercle and the peroneus longus lies inferior to the tubercle.

Related pathology

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