Precentral cerebellar vein

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The precentral cerebellar vein is an unpaired vein that courses superiorly in the quadrigeminal cistern, behind the tectal plate, to eventually drain into the inferior aspect of the proximal (anterior) great cerebral vein of Galen 1,2

Gross anatomy

The precentral cerebellar vein is formed by a pair of veins that arise over the middle cerebellar peduncles and from there ascend over the superior cerebellar peduncles before joining together in the midline 1,2

As the precentral cerebellar vein ascends towards the vein of Galen it is sometimes joined by the superior vermian vein to form an unpaired midline vein, the superior cerebellar vein, that then drains into the vein of Galen.

Alternatively, the precentral cerebellar vein can drain directly into the vein of Galen, separate to the superior vermian vein located posterior to it 1,2

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Cases and figures

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