Prussak space

Last revised by Craig Hacking on 2 Feb 2022

Prussak space is a subcomponent of the lateral epitympanic space and extends from the level of the scutum to the umbo. This space is best demonstrated on the oblique coronal image. 

  • lateral: pars flaccida of the tympanic membrane and the scutum
  • medial: neck of the malleus 
  • superior: lateral malleal ligament fold
  • inferior: lateral (short) process of the malleus 

Pars flaccida cholesteatoma, acquired or congenital, typically begins in Prussak space before extending and invading the surrounding structures.

It is named after Aleksandr Fedorovich Prussak (1839-1897), Russian otologist who described the detailed anatomy of the space in 1867 2-4.

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Cases and figures

  • Figure 1
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  • Case 1: cholesteatoma in Prussack space
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