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RadioGraphics is a review journal published by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), and its first edition was issued in 1981 1. Radiology is a sister journal. Its current editor is Dr Christine "Cooky" O Menias.

In 1980, as the RSNA editor of educational materials, Dr William J Tuddenham noted that there were many fine educational exhibits at the RSNA Annual Meeting. However, he felt that even radiologists attending the meeting might struggle to see all the exhibits. Therefore he mooted the idea of a new journal comprising the best of these educational exhibits reimagined as high-quality articles with rich pictorial content and limited prose. Indeed, many of the articles are invited submissions based upon commended poster presentations at the Annual Meeting.

RadioGraphics started life as a quarterly journal, with the first edition issued in May 1981. It became a bimonthly in 1984. From 1999 on, an additional once-a-year monograph issue was published every October, each issue covering a single theme 2.  The theme of the first monograph issue, in 1999, was Women's Imaging.

In 1991, William J Tuddenham was awarded the RSNA Gold Medal Award for his innovation in creating RadioGraphics 4.

The impact factor for 2022 was 5.5, according to the RadioGraphics website and from data supplied by Clarivate Analytics 5. It had the second highest circulation of any radiology journal in 2015 4.

  1. 1981-1989 William J Tuddenham (1923-2014) 4

  2. 1990-2011 William W Olmsted

  3. 2012-2020 Jeffrey S Klein

  4. 2021-2029 Christine "Cooky" O Menias 5

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