Radiological anatomy

Last revised by Mohammadtaghi Niknejad on 19 Aug 2022

Anatomy encompasses any part of an organism's structure, position, and interrelation. aims to eventually cover the entire human anatomy, particularly in relation to the practice of radiology. All articles use standard anatomic conventional nomenclature and the anatomic position.

Although understanding macroscopical and microscopical anatomy is important for the radiologist, the nature of radiological modalities will determine the relevance of any anatomic information. Smaller anatomical detail will become more relevant with an improved resolution of imaging modalities or even entirely new modalities.

The anatomy articles mostly follow the standard anatomy article structure, highlighting several anatomical aspects, followed by information that is particularly relevant for radiologists (variant anatomy, radiographic features, developmental/embryological aspects, related pathology).

You can see our anatomy curriculum here.

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Cases and figures

  • Figure 1: elbow radiological anatomy
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  • Figure 2: elbow radiological anatomy (lateral)
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