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A Supporter is someone who values what we are trying to accomplish and is willing to help us with small periodic financial contributions. In return, we grant them a few perks to make their Radiopaedia experience even better. 

Our mission is to create the best possible radiology reference and teaching site and to make it available to everyone. Your support will contribute to:

  • improvement of existing and creation of new features

  • ensuring that we continue to be able to deliver high-quality radiology information to medical professionals in developing countries

The upshot, is that your help will directly contribute to improved diagnosis and patient outcome across the whole world. 

Becoming a Supporter lets you enjoy a few perks including ad-free or ad-lite browsing, CME tracking and additional case and playlist quotas. Over time, no doubt, we will be adding additional perks to the list.

Ads are the primary way we fund the survival and continued development of the site. They are necessary, but it doesn't mean we like them. Experiencing Radiopaedia without ads is so much better. Each supporter level has reduced ads, with Gold Supporters having zero ads!

  • [discontinued] Felson supporters (bronze) have a small-screen ad-free mobile experience. This is targeted primarily at phones where ads take up a great deal of screen real-estate. Larger mobile devices, such as tablets and iPads, will still show ads. Felson level support is no longer available as a new subscription, although existing Felson supporters can remain on this tier indefinitely. 

  • Hounsfield supporters (silver), in addition to no ads on small-screen mobile devices, also have no-ads in full-screen presentation mode (used when playing playlists and in quiz mode). This is perfect for tutorials or self-study.

  • Roentgen supporters (gold), by far the most popular supporter level, enjoy a completely ad-free on both mobile and desktop versions. 

  • Curie supporters (radium), the new top-tier level recognizing Marie Curie's foundational contributions to the understanding of radioactivity. In addition to all the gold perks, radium supporters also gain the ability to download and duplicate playlists. 

We keep track of time spent on cases and articles for all logged-in users. Silver and Gold supporters also get the ability to download a certificate with a tally of time spend on cases and articles for whatever date range they desire. This makes self-declared CME claims a breeze. Read more...

All contributors can have unlimited public cases. There are some very good reasons why you may want to have a larger number of unlisted or draft cases. Becoming a supporter increases these quotas. 

In no way are non-supporters limited in their access to public content, and the Supporter status is in no way the start of becoming locked away behind a paywall; in fact, it is exactly the opposite. 

A fundamental cornerstone of the philosophy is that it is completely free for you to make any publicly-accessible contribution to the site that benefits the whole community — no strings attached. In other words, you can have as many public cases or public playlists as you like, and every user can access and learn from them. 

When you use the infrastructure for private use (such as storing unlisted cases or unlisted playlists), it places a burden on the site that does not create shared, public value, so we think it is only fair that you contribute financially. Your contribution shows appreciation for the features you use most and creates public value by funding further site development.

We hope that with Supporters we can not only keep our public content free for all but also fund the continuous improvement of the site and development of new game-changing features. If you believe in our mission and wish to contribute, become a Supporter.

ADVERTISEMENT: Supporters see fewer/no ads

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