Sacrospinous ligament

Last revised by Tee Yu Jin on 22 Jan 2022

The sacrospinous ligament is a stabilizer of the sacroiliac joint and connects the bony pelvis to the vertebral column

Gross anatomy

The sacrospinous ligament is a triangular-shaped structure with its base attached to the anterior sacrum (S2-S4) and coccyx, and its apex attached to the ischial spine. It forms a boundary of the greater and lesser sciatic foramen


  • anteriorly: coccygeus muscle 3
  • posteriorly: sacrotuberous ligament, crossed by internal pudendal vessels and nerves
  • superiorly: upper margin forms the lower border of the greater sciatic foramen
  • inferiorly: lower margin forms part of upper border of the lesser sciatic foramen

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Cases and figures

  • Figure 1: pelvic ligaments (Gray's illustrations)
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  • Figure 2: greater sciatic foramen
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  • Case 1: ossified sacrospinous ligaments
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