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Endocarditis signs (mnemonic)

A mnemonic to remember the most important signs of endocarditis is: FROM JANE Mnemonic F: fever R: Roth's spots O: Osler's nodes M: murmur of heart J: Janeway lesions A: anemia N: nail hemorrhage E: embolism

Cyanosis differential diagnosis (mnemonic)

A mnemonic to differentiate between central and peripheral cyanoses is: COLD PALMS Mnemonic C: cold (peripheral) O: obstruction (peripheral) L: LVF and shock (peripheral) D: decreased cardiac output (peripheral) P: polycythemia (central) A: altitude (central) L: lung disease (central) ...

New onset atrial fibrillation causes (mnemonic)

A mnemonic to remember the commonest causes of new onset atrial fibrillation is: PIRATES ​Mnemonic P: pulmonary I: ischemic R: rheumatic A: atrial myxoma T: thyroid E: embolism S: sepsis

Five Ts of cyanotic congenital heart disease (mnemonic)

A mnemonic to remember the most important congenital heart defects associated with cyanosis is: 5 Ts Mnemonic T: tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) T: transposition of the great arteries (TGA) T: truncus arteriosus T: total anomalous pulmonary venous return (TAPVR) T: tricuspid valve abnormalities...

Right-to-left shunt (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to remember the differential diagnoses associated with right-to-left cardiovascular shunts is: 1-5 Mnemonic 1: a combination vessel; truncus arteriosus 2: number of arteries involved; transposition of the great arteries 3: "tri-" means 3, the number of leaflets involved; t...

Sonographic approach to dyspnea (mnemonic)

This mnemonic will help with the sonographic approach to the critically ill patient with dyspnea: CHEST Mnemonic C: collapsed lung (pneumothorax)  absence of anterior lung sliding, lung pulse, B-lines, or z-lines these artifacts arise from the pleural interface; their presence would rule ou...

Surgically-created cardiac shunts (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for surgically-created cardiac shunts for congenital heart disease is: Great Flow Really Would Be Perfect​ The mnemonic is ordered by the position of the shunt antegrade to normal blood flow through the heart, proceeding from the systemic venous system into the right heart, and then...

Tetralogy of fallot (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for the underlying anatomic defects in tetralogy of Fallot is: PROVe Mnemonic P: pulmonary stenosis R: right ventricular hypertrophy O: overriding aorta V: ventricular septal defect

Causes of pulseless electrical activity (mnemonic)

Pulseless electrical activity is a very disconcerting emergency medical scenario with very high mortality unless its etiology can be quickly ascertained and corrected. A mnemonic to remember the different causes of pulseless electrical activity is: MAD (triple H) CAT Mnemonic M: massive pulmo...

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