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Complex adnexal mass - differential diagnosis (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for the differential diagnosis of complex adnexal masses is: CHEETAH Mnemonic C: cystadenoma/cystadenocarcinoma (serous and mucinous) H: hemorrhagic ovarian cyst E: endometrioma E: ectopic pregnancy T: teratoma/torsion A: abscess (tubo-ovarian) H: hydrosalpinx/hematosalpinx (...

Abdominal distension (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for causes of abdominal distension (6 Fs) is: F: fat F: fluid  F: flatus F: feces  F: fetus F: fulminant mass

1-2-3 rule (ovary)

The 1-2-3 rule is a simple aide-mémoire describing the nomenclature of any small simple anechoic structure in the ovary on ultrasound: <1 cm = follicle 1-2 cm = dominant follicle >3 cm = cyst

FIGO classification system for the causes of abnormal uterine bleeding in non-gravid women of reproductive age (mnemonic)

The FIGO classification system for the causes of abnormal uterine bleeding in non-gravid women of reproductive age has a mnemonic at its core 1: PALM-COEIN The "PALM" causes are considered structural and the "COEIN" (coin) causes are considered non-structural. Mnemonic P: polyp A: adenomyos...

Fallopian tube segments (mnemonic)

A useful mnemonic to remember the order of the five segments of the fallopian tube, from lateral to medial, the direction an ovum would pass following ovulation, is: Four INches Across IS IMpossible Four inches (10 cm) is the approximate length of the fallopian tube. ​Mnemonic F: fimbriae I...

Broad ligament contents (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for the contents of the broad ligament is: BROAD Mnemonic B: bundle (ovarian neurovascular bundle) R: round ligament O: ovarian ligament A: artifacts (vestigial structures) D: duct (oviduct)

Common calcifying metastases (mnemonic)

A simple mnemonic to recall a list of commonly calcifying metastases is: BOTOM Mnemonic B: breast cancer O: osteosarcoma T: papillary thyroid cancer O: ovarian cancer (especially mucinous) M: mucinous adenocarcinoma (especially colorectal carcinoma)

Germ cell tumors (mnemonic)

A mnemonic for the differential diagnosis for germ cell tumors is: SECTE Mnemonic S: seminoma E: embryonal cell carcinoma C: choriocarcinoma T: teratoma E: endodermal sinus tumor (yolk sac tumor)

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