Sharing cases and playlists

Last revised by Andrei Dumitrescu on 16 Apr 2024

Sharing cases and playlists is a cornerstone of what Radiopaedia is all about. As such we offer a number of ways for cases and playlists to be shared and these can be accessed via the "share" button. Each of the ways of sharing has its own URL and all you need to do is copy one and share online, via email or on social media. 

You can share both public cases/public playlists and unlisted cases/unlisted playlists

Both cases and playlists can be viewed in two modes: normal view (like this article, white background, header etc...) and presentation mode (dark with large images and a PACS-like user interface). 

You can also get clever. If you want to share a case or playlist in fullscreen mode but want it to start on a study (rather than the clinical presentation/demographic page) then you can do that too. 

  1. copy the share link as above

  2. visit that link by pasting it into the browsers address bar

  3. navigate to the study you want to start on

  4. copy that URL and use it to share the case/playlist  

You can do all of the above in two ways: showing the diagnoses or keeping the diagnoses hidden. The latter is a great way to run quizzes especially if you combine this with unlisted cases/playlists. 

To share with diagnosis hidden, just choose the appropriate links in the "share" menu. 

This is a great way to share cases with colleagues without making them public. Unlisted cases can be shared using the "share" button from the top right side of the page. Detailed instructions can be found on the unlisted cases page.

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