Shoulder girdle radiography

Last revised by Andrew Murphy on 23 Mar 2023

The radiography of the shoulder girdle is a commonly requested plain radiographic examination; the particular radiographic series will be dependent on the suspected pathology or injury. The extent of each series is determined by the radiography department protocols.

Radiographic series

  • shoulder series
    • multi-projection set examining the entirety of the shoulder girdle often consisting of an AP and lateral projection
  • acromioclavicular joint series 
    • specialized radiographic set examining the acromioclavicular joint often comprising of a single view 
  • clavicle series
    • specialized radiographic set examining the clavicle comprised of two projections 
  • sternoclavicular joint series
    • radiographic series investigating the sternoclavicular joint 
  • scapulae series
    • series assessing the entirety of the scapular often similar to the shoulder series

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