Last revised by Karwan T. Khoshnaw on 02 Mar 2021

Sialoceles are cystic spaces (usually saliva containing) arising within a salivary gland.

They tend to be post-traumatic or iatrogenic in nature. The proposed mechanisms include laceration of the salivary gland duct or ductal stenosis with subsequent dilatation.

Patients are often asymptomatic, but may present with mobile swelling involving the affected salivary gland.

Ultrasound may show a hypoechoic-anechoic cyst within the affected salivary gland.

Axial T2 weighted and CISS sequences have been shown to be useful to show the location (intra/extraparenchymal, superficial/deep lobe) of the cyst and its relation to muscles and vessels. 

Management of sialoceles has been controversial and a range of surgical and non-surgical treatment modalities have been proposed. 

On imaging consider other cystic parotid lesions.

Bilateral cystic parotid lesions

Unilateral cystic parotid lesion(s)

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