Small bowel fold thickening (differential)

Last revised by Daniel J Bell on 21 Jun 2021

The differential diagnosis of small bowel fold thickening is broad. Diffuse fold thickening may be "regular and smooth" or "irregular and nodular".

This is a long list and dividing patients by age and presentation helps somewhat.

  1. ischemia (arterial or venous)
  2. hemorrhage (warfarin)
  3. ?
  1. edema from CCF, hypoalbuminemia
  2. lymphatic obstruction
  3. lymphoma/leukemia
  1. infective
  2. inflammatory: e.g. Crohn disease
  3. vasculitis
  1. lymphoma/Leukemia
  2. radiation
  3. inflammatory: e.g. Crohn disease

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