Splenorenal ligament

Last revised by Roland Zac White on 11 Oct 2020

Splenorenal ligament, also known as the lienorenal ligament is a peritoneal ligament. It represents the dorsal most part of dorsal mesentery and forms part of the lateral border of the lesser sac. It is continuous with the gastrosplenic and phrenicocolic ligaments 1.

Gross anatomy

The splenorenal ligament is formed from an anterior and posterior peritoneal layer 2.

  • anterior layer
    • continues as the posterior wall of the lesser sac overlying the anterior surface of left kidney.
    • travels upwards to the splenic hilum where it is continuous with the gastrosplenic ligament.
  • posterior layer
    • continues laterally with the peritoneum overlying the inferior diaphragmatic surface, and runs onto the splenic surface over the renal impression.

The splenorenal ligament contains the following 2:

  • tail of the pancreas
  • splenic artery
  • splenic vein

Related pathology

In the setting of portal hypertension, collateral circulation may establish within the splenorenal ligament.

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