Streak ovaries

Last revised by Yoshi Yu on 19 Feb 2024

Streak ovaries are a form of ovarian dysgenesis and are most commonly associated with Turner syndrome, but can also be seen in other disorders of gender development 3. Occasionally they may be functional and secondary sexual characteristics may develop. 

  • Turner syndrome: 45,XO karyotype 3

  • triple X syndrome (trisomy X): 47,XXX karyotype 2

  • "pure" gonadal dysgenesis: 46,XX karyotype 3

  • 46,XY (male) karyotype with varying degrees of failure of masculinization, termed "complete" gonadal dysgenesis in its most severe form 3

Failure of normal gonadal development, resulting in underdeveloped or undifferentiated gonadal tissue 4.

Imaging will demonstrate unilateral or bilateral streak-like structures in place of the ovary, or along the course of the round ligament 1. Accompanying Müllerian duct anomalies may be identified at the same time.

  • streak ovaries may contain no or very few ovarian follicles

  • can be difficult to identify due to small size

  • more sensitive than ultrasound 3

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