Subcutaneous infrapatellar bursa

Last revised by Joachim Feger on 3 Sep 2023

The subcutaneous or superficial infrapatellar bursa is one of many bursae surrounding the knee joint and shares the name with its deep counterpart.

It is located in the subcutaneous tissue between the distal patellar tendon insertion at the tibial tuberosity and the overlying skin 1-4. It is flat and about 2 x 2 x 0.2 cm in size and not always present. In about 80% of the cases, bursae are characterized by a thin septum 1.

As the other bursae of the knee, it is a synovial-lined structure and usually collapsed 2 and may communicate with the prepatellar bursa 5.

The following pathologies are associated with the superficial infrapatellar bursa 1-4.

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