Supratrochlear vein

Last revised by Daniel J Bell on 23 Nov 2021

The supratrochlear vein drains a venous plexus on the anterior forehead and scalp 1,2. It is a tributary of the angular vein along with the supraorbital vein 3.

Gross anatomy

The supratrochlear vein descends down the medial part of the forehead until it reaches the root of the nose where it is connected to its contralateral partner by the transverse nasal arch 2. The vein then has two branches, one which enters the supratrochlear foramen/notch and one which unites with the supraorbital vein to become the angular vein 1,4. The supratrochlear vein runs a parallel and medial course to the supratrochlear artery 4.

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