Tarsal tunnel

Last revised by Zemar Vajuhudeen on 6 Sep 2021

The tarsal tunnel is a fibro-osseous canal found in the medial aspect of the ankle.

From anterior to posterior: 

A mnemonic to remember the order is Tom, Dick and Very Nervous Harry or Tom Doth Vex All Nervous Housemaids.

The tarsal tunnel is divided by fibrous septae joining the flexor retinaculum to the calcaneus, forming four separate compartments - one for each of the tendons and one for the neurovascular bundle 1-3

The flexor retinaculum is continuous distally with plantar aponeurosis and proximally with the deep fascia of the leg. 

  • variable level of bifurcation of the tibial nerve either in, proximal or distal to the tarsal tunnel
  • variable level of bifurcation of the posterior tibial artery in the tarsal tunnel 

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