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The tegmentum is one of the areas of the brainstem. It is a phylogenetically old part of the brainstem and, in adults, is the location of the brainstem nuclei 1. It is located centrally between the distinctive basal (ventral) features of the midbrain, pons and medulla, and the ventricular system (aqueduct and fourth ventricle) dorsally and contains the cranial nerve nuclei and reticular formations and ascending tracts 1,2.

The tegmentum forms the majority of the midbrain, lying between the quadrigeminal plate (tectum) and aqueduct posteriorly and the cerebral peduncles and substantia nigra anteriorly.

In the pons, it lies between the floor of the fourth ventricle posteriorly and the bulky basis pontis anteriorly.

In the medulla, the tegmentum lies between the fourth ventricle posteriorly and the pyramids and inferior olivary nuclei anteriorly.

History and etymology

Tegmentum originates from the Latin for covering.

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