Testicular appendages

Last revised by Mostafa El-Feky on 22 Feb 2020

Testicular and epididymal appendages are remnants of embryonic ducts and are quite common, with one or more being present in ~70% of patients 1.

Gross anatomy

Four such appendages have been described:

Radiographic features


A testicular appendix may be seen between the testis and epididymis on normal sonography, in many instances. An epididymal appendix is attached to the head of the epididymis and may be seen during sonography in one or both testes. However, both vas aberrans and paradidymis are not usually seen during imaging.

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Cases and figures

  • Case 1: appendix testis
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  • Case 2: epididymal appendix
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  • Case 3: epididymal and testicular appendages
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  • Case 4: testicular appendix in hydrocele
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