Tibiospring ligament

Last revised by Joachim Feger on 20 Nov 2021

The tibiospring ligament belongs to the medial supporting structures of the ankle and is considered to be one of the four superficial components of the deltoid ligament 1.

It is located superficial to the deep anterior tibiotalar ligament, anterior to the tibiocalcaneal ligament and posterior to the tibionavicular ligament or rather to the anterior ankle joint capsule. It connects the medial tibial malleolus with the spring ligament 1-6. The tibiospring ligament becomes tenser with eversion and plantarflexion 7.

The proximal attachment originates on the anterior tibial colliculus of the medial malleolus.  

Its distal attachment inserts and blends with the more proximally located fibers of the superomedial portion of calcaneonavicular or spring ligament 1.

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