Transverse tibiofibular ligament

Last revised by Joachim Feger on 16 Sep 2021

The transverse tibiofibular ligament is part of the tibiofibular syndesmosis.

The transverse ligament is a thick round ligament, which takes a horizontal course between the posterior tibia and the edge of the lateral malleolar fossa distal to the posterior tibiofibular ligament and covers the superior part of the talus 1,2.

  • medial attachment at the posterior distal margin of the tibial plafond
  • lateral attachment at the proximal edge of the fibular malleolar fossa

Some of its fibers blend distally with the posterior talofibular ligament and form the intermalleolar ligament, which runs parallel to the transverse ligament and is separated from the latter by a triangular or quadrilateral soft tissue space.

The intermalleolar ligament is present in ~80% and arises slightly proximal to the origin of the posterior talofibular ligament.

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