Triquetrocapitate ligament

Last revised by Henry Knipe on 10 Aug 2023

The triquetrocapitate ligament is one of the palmar intrinsic midcarpal ligaments 1. Along with the triquetrohamate ligament this ligament forms the triquetrohamocapitate ligament, which forms the ulnar limb of the arcuate ligament of the wrist 1,2. It is often contiguous with the ulnocapitate ligament, and indirectly stabilizes the lunate by contributing to the arcuate ligament 1,2.

The triquetrocapitate ligament attaches proximally to the triquetrum at its distal and radial corner, and distally at the ulnar side of the capitate, running radially to the triquetrohamate ligament 3.

The triquetrocapitate ligament may be seen as a mirror image of the orientation of the scaphocapitate ligament, running between its two attachments obliquely on the volar  aspect of the wrist 3. It is best viewed on a coronal plane, may be aided by ulnar deviation of the wrist, and may be more easily viewed with MR arthrography 4.

Insufficiency of failure of the triquetrohamocapitate ligament can lead to ulnar palmar midcarpal instability 5.

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