Tympanic part of temporal bone

Last revised by Grace Carpenter on 31 Dec 2020

The tympanic part of the temporal bone is situated inferiorly to the squamous part and anteriorly to the mastoid part.

Gross anatomy

The tympanic part of the temporal bone is composed of anterior and posterior surfaces and superior, inferior and lateral borders.

Anterior surface

Its anterior surface forms the posterior (non-articular) part of the mandibular fossa. The anterior surface is continuous with the squamous part of the temporal bone at the tympanosquamous fissure, and medially, it continues as the petrotympanic fissure, where it fuses to the petrous part of the temporal bone.

Posterior surface

The posterior surface surrounds the external auditory meatus, forming the anterior wall, floor and some of the posterior wall of the bony external acoustic meatus.


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Cases and figures

  • Figure 1: temporal bone divisions (CT anatomy)
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  • Figure 2: diagram - temporal bone
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