VASARI MRI feature set

Last revised by Frank Gaillard on 31 Dec 2017

The VASARI (Visually AcceSAble Rembrandt Images) MRI feature set is a system designed to enable consistent description of gliomas using a set of defined visual features and controlled vocabulary. It is the result of work by The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) who publish relevant guides to use, and additional resources 1,2. The system has been fairly widely adopted and is often used in articles that include tumor morphology description. At the time of editing (August 2016), this system has following features being taken in account. 


The system comprises 25 features each denoted by a name, number and description. A detailed description of each with examples is available as a PDF from TCIA 2. The features are:  

  • tumor location (f1)
  • side of lesion center (f2)
  • eloquent brain (f3)
  • enhancement quality (f4)
  • proportion enhancing (f5)
  • proportion nCET (f6)
  • proportion necrosis (f7)
  • cysts (f8)
  • multifocal or multicentric (f9)
  • T1/FLAIR ratio (f10)
  • thickness of enhancing margin (f11)
  • definition of the enhancing margin (f12)
  • definition of the non-enhancing margin (f13)
  • proportion of edema (f14)
  • hemorrhage (f16)
  • diffusion characteristics (f17)
  • pial invasion (f18)
  • ependymal extension (f19)
  • cortical involvement (f20)
  • deep white matter invasion (f21)
  • nCET crosses midline (f22)
  • CET crosses midline (f23)
  • satellites (f24)
  • calvarial remodeling (f25)

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