Vestibular ganglion

Last revised by Yoshi Yu on 15 Apr 2023

The vestibular or Scarpa's ganglion is the ganglion of the vestibular branch of the vestibulocochlear nerve. It contains the bipolar cell bodies 5 of the vestibular nerve as the superior and inferior vestibular branches unite and is located within the nerve as it passes through the lateral aspect of the internal auditory canal

Radiographic features


Vestibular ganglia are occasionally visible on high-resolution T2-weighted sequences as subtle thickening or nodularity along the inferior or superior division of the vestibular nerve in the lateral part of the internal auditory canal. They usually do not enhance with contrast on high-resolution T1-weighted sequences.

On average, when visible, vestibular ganglia are 1.7 mm long, 1.0 mm wide, and stop 2.2 mm from the internal auditory canal fundus 4. Therefore, they tend to have a fusiform shape 4.

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