What Radiopaedia.org is NOT

Last revised by Dr Francis Deng on 18 Jan 2022

We are attempting to create the best radiology resource which is no small task and is going to take the combined efforts of many many people. These are a couple of thoughts about what Radiopaedia.org is NOT:

  • Radiopaedia.org is NOT a place to cut and paste content from textbooks, articles or other websites
    • copyright is a legal concept enacted by most governments and any infringement threatens the very existence of Radiopaedia.org; see copyright issues
  • Radiopaedia.org is NOT a place for you to promote your own research
    • we seek to create an unbiased, broadly referenced resource that distills the existing literature and understanding of medicine, not replicate the sum total of all publications
  • Radiopaedia.org is NOT a place for those who are protective of their prose
    • this is a collaborative site, and any article you write will eventually be altered by other users
    • your name may not remain attached to content you write if it becomes necessary for that text to be moved from one article to another
  • Radiopaedia.org is NOT a place for trolls
    • be nice: we are all trying to build something special so if you disagree with something communicate in a respectful and mature way with each other
  • Radiopaedia.org is NOT a platform for you to promote your website or organization
    • we have a fantastic audience, and if you would like to sponsor us, we are more than happy to officially promote your organization; see sponsorship
  • Radiopaedia.org is NOT an advice forum
    • please do not post your own or your family's imaging and ask for advice - it's not that we don't care, but it is unethical for us to give advice, and also makes us vulnerable to medico-legal challenges
    • there are 'second-opinion' services available online and we suggest you search them out
  • Radiopaedia.org is NOT an open-source project
    • although we periodically ask for advice from our editorial board in regards to new features, and actively encourage Radiopaedians to give us feedback on current and future features, the final decisions rest with Radiopaedia Australia PTY LTD

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