Last revised by Andrew Murphy on 3 Apr 2020

Xenon-133 is a radiopharmaceutical principally used when a performing VQ scan. Inhalation of this gas can also be used to assess cerebral blood flow.

  • Mode of decay: Beta decay
  • photon energy: 81 KeV
  • physical half-life: 5.27 days
  • biological half-life: 30 seconds
  • normal distribution: lungs
    • <15% of inhaled gas is absorbed
  • excretion: lungs
  • target organ: lungs

Xenon-133 is a fission product from uranium-235. The gas is normally supplied in a concentration of 5% with 95% carbon dioxide.

Uses, dosages, and time of imaging

V/Q scan: ventilation agent
  • dose: 370-740 MBq (10-20 mCi) inhaled
  • time of imaging: immediate

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