As you all hopefully know, we are committed to the continued development of the site whilst keeping our content free for all to access. This development is, however, ever more expensive as the sheer size and complexity of the site grows, and we are reliant primarily on advertising to pay the bills. 

For some time now many of you have been able to help us by contributing a few dollars a month by becoming a Radiopaedia Supporter. This is awesome, and it has allowed us to build new features (e.g. new search results and diagnostic certainty) and keep working on substantial back-end improvements. 



I have, however, never felt comfortable with supporters contributing to our mission both financially and being subjected to ads, but unfortunately we did not yet have the infrastructure to make this not be the case.

Now, as a result of substantial back-end work, all that has changed and from now own our supporters will have an ad-lite or ad-free experience depending on the level of support. 

  • Felson supporters (bronze) will have an ad-free mobile experience (when our upcoming 'responsive' site is deployed).

  • Hounsfield supporters (silver) will additionally have no ads in full-screen presentation mode (quiz mode) - perfect for tutorials or self study.

  • Roentgen supporters (gold) will enjoy a completely ad-free on both mobile and desktop. ​

So again, to all of you who are current supporters "Thank you!" and enjoy a cleaner, faster, less distracting ad-lite / ad-free



A. Prof Frank Gaillard is a neuroradiologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and is the Founder and Editor of 

NB: Opinions expressed are those of the author alone, and are not those of his employer, or of

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