Almost 10 years ago I coded up the first Radiopaedia iOS app. Since then we have had a few different version and a small but useful amount of content. One of the reasons for its existence was that at the time the website was horrible to use on mobile devices. Since then, we have spent a significant amount of effort in improving the mobile version of the app and have created new ways for users to curate and share cases. 

It is, therefore, time to say goodbye to the Radiopaedia iOS app. 

Update 1: The app has been removed from the App Store (late March 2018)

Update 2: We will be making all the previously available iOS packs available as free playlists here on Radiopaedia. See iOS case packs.

I wanted to thank all of you for your patronage. The small proceeds from the sale of the case packs have helped pay for the continued development of the site.



Associate Professor Frank Gaillard is the Founder and Editor in Chief of He is also an academic neuroradiologist and Director of Research in the Radiology Department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital/University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia.

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  • E Fahmy MD20th May 2018 14:30 UTC

    Please bring back the app. I was greatly disappointed to see it go. Why not have it and charge for the cost of maintenance?

  • Wesley Moore13th Feb 2018 20:15 UTC

    Good bye iOS app. It was nice building you :-)

    • Frank Gaillard12th Mar 2018 20:04 UTC

      I am sad too Wesley. Ah the memories.

  • Payam Rabiyeganeh27th Apr 2018 05:17 UTC

    I changed my mobile and I could not insall it again :-(
    It is a catastrophe to me. I wish i could install it again

  • Daniel Sadoma12th Jul 2018 11:22 UTC

    So sad! What would it take to put it back on the App Store and not update it anymore? I’d be willing to put some money up for this. It’s such a great resource to have in your pocket.

  • Drew Chapman1st Sep 2018 15:24 UTC

    There doesn’t appear to be any equivalent on the website itself. For example, one cannot filter cases by both system and anatomical area (e.g. MSK + upper extremity). Very disappointing. :(

  • mark jacob29th Nov 2018 16:55 UTC

    The ios app is not anymore but it was very useful for the users. This has to be stayed and if the app is not available anymore, I think that after some time an app will come and that will be more useful than the one was before. That app really helped me on my studies. To know about that

  • steve30th Jan 2020 00:53 UTC

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