26th Oct 2013 11:20 UTC


There are many potential causes of a cerebral ring enhancing lesion and remembering them all can prove tricky. Well, that is unless you know the very handy and aptly named MAGIC DR mnemonic. 

Although you can’t possibly know by looking at the single images, for what it is worth, the above cases are; A = metastasis, B = abscess, C = radiation necrosis, D = GBM, E = demyelination, F = contusion.

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  • Mohammad Fathi26th Oct 2013 13:02 UTC

    Is there any relation between this enhancements and phase of imaging, for example between early phase or delay phase?

  • Isaac M. Dodd26th Oct 2013 13:23 UTC

    Since Toxoplasmosis also causes Ring-enhancing lesions, I suggest it be changed to TRAGIC-MD

  • Isaac M. Dodd26th Oct 2013 13:25 UTC

    Great mnemonic!

  • Andrew Dixon26th Oct 2013 20:34 UTC

    Toxoplasmosis and Tuberculosis could both fit under A for abscess. Neurocysticercosis could probably also go under A for abscess however this mnemonic is mainly for solitary larger ring enhancing lesions rather than the mutiple small ring enhancing lesions you would see with neurocysticercosis.

  • raan23rd Oct 2014 09:51 UTC


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