Meningioma project

Meningiomas are a common and important intracranial tumor, with many histological variant, some of which have quite specific imaging features. We thought that this cluster of articles and cases warranted review, as many subtype articles were missing, the main article (meningioma) was a bit disjointed, and many of the cases would benefit from a tidy up. This was a big project but has resulted in a much more comprehensive and polished section. 



Team: Bruno Di Muzio, Ahmed Abd RabouPiotr Gołofit, and Frank Gaillard

Expert adviser: David Yousem

Existing articles reviewed / improved: 16

New articles written: 20

Cases reviewed: 262


Existing articles reviewed / improved already had a number of articles in and around the meningioma topic cluster. Many, however, had been written years ago and had been built upon gradually. Sometimes a good clean up is required. 

Main article: meningioma

This is a long article and has been extensively edited and improved to improve not only the content but also the organization. Additional articles which have been reviewed and in almost all cases improved are: 

New articles written

Reviewing the topic also made us realize that we were missing a number of important entities. Specifically many of the histological subtypes, many of which have distinct biological behavior and appearances, were missing.  

Cases reviewed / improved

It turns out we have a fair few cases of meningioma on the site. In fact at the time we started the project we had 262; that number has since no doubt increased. We did our best to go through and improve / tidy up most of them. We also removed a bunch of cases. Some were deleted, most which were not up to scratch were pushed back to draft mode

You can look through the most complete cases here

What's next?

We will of course be continuing to improve this content, but for now we will move onto new proposed editorial projects. If you are interested in helping out, you don't need to be an editor. Just write to [email protected] and we'll get you started. 

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Publication date: 24th Feb 2016 23:46 UTC

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