One of the most frustrating parts of is its usability on mobile devices. Articles are ok, but to be frank (and if anyone is going to be, it will be me) the ability to view cases on a small screen is not great. 

We have been aware of this for some time, and we have been working on it. A responsive design for a site of our complexity (scrolling stacks, lots of images, lots of screen layouts to support) is no small task. But we are making progress. 

Our first substantial improvement is a responsive-design for our quiz mode, which should now make viewing playlists (such as this exam review playlist) or individual cases much more pleasant. 

Click PLAY from any case!

So, if you are struggling to view a case in normal view mode (we know, no easy way to scroll etc...) then all you need to do is tap the "play" button to the right of the case title, and you are good to go. 

Basically what we have achieved is the interface adapting to your screen size and changing the layout and size of buttons etc so that we make the experience of viewing a case as pleasant as possible regardless of your device. 

Have a go and look at this case.

In all views scrolling is supported either by using the mouse scroll wheel or by swiping up and down anywhere on the image. 

There are naturally going to still be a few rough corners, and we hope to iron these out over the coming months. If you have feedback, please feel free to drop us an email to [email protected]

This is just the beginning, and we are determined to make the mobile experience better for the whole site (as well as bring you a whole gamut of awesome new features and improvements). 

Cheers,  Frank

Dr Frank Gaillard is a neuroradiologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and is the Founder and Editor of 

NB: Opinions expressed are those of the author alone, and are not those of his employer, or of

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  • Matt Skalski3rd Nov 2014 16:22 UTC

    Love it! Works flawlessly.

  • Prashant Mudgal3rd Nov 2014 21:28 UTC

    Great!! Thanks!!

  • Bruno Di Muzio3rd Nov 2014 23:17 UTC

    Great improvement!! This will help a lot for those who needs the smartphones interface...

  • Ian Bickle3rd Nov 2014 23:46 UTC

    Tremendous. Thanks for this further positive addition.

  • Dylan Kurda4th Nov 2014 08:50 UTC

    Good job Frank...well done guys...nice improvement...

  • Mahmoud E. Ghanim4th Nov 2014 09:20 UTC

    I have a question !
    there is incompatibility in firefox browser on PC..coz the cases are visualized in small size as if it was previewd from smartphone but works fine in chrome browser... Do any one have this issue too???

  • Derek Smith6th Nov 2014 09:55 UTC

    Works well on Windows phone too, thanks!

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