14th Mar 2016 20:28 UTC

No Race Race

The No Race Race was an editorial project with the primary aim of updating racial terminology on Radiopaedia (you can read more about the reasons why we completed this project here, and there is great TED Talk by Dorothy Roberts on the use of race in medicine here). The secondary aim was to generally tidy up the cases, in particular also reviewing diagnostic certainty and patient demographics. 

Team lead: Dr Tim Luijkx

Team (in no particular order): Drs Matt Morgan, Derek Smith, Dylan Kurda, Henry Knipe, Ayush Goel, Varun Babu, Nafisa Shakir Batta, Matthew Andrews, Bruno Di Muzio, Matthew Morgan, Matt Skalski, Vincent Tatco, Piotr Gołofit, and A.Prof Frank Gaillard

Over 3200 cases were reviewed by our team of volunteer editors, which has greatly increased the quality of Radiopaedia.org. A special mention to:

  • 500+ case reviews: Dr Ayush Goel, Dr Dylan Kurda
  • 200+ case reviews: Dr Tim Luijkx, Dr Varun Babu, Dr Vincent Tatco, Dr Matthew Andrews
  • 100+ case reviews: A.Prof Frank Gaillard, Dr Matt Morgan


 Dr Henry Knipe is a radiology registrar at The Royal Melbourne  Hospital in Australia, and is managing editor responsible for  content  development at Radiopaedia.org. Twitter: @DrHenryK.

 NB: Opinions expressed are those of the author alone, and are not  those of his employer nor of Radiopaedia.org

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  • Ian Bickle14th Mar 2016 23:17 UTC

    Amazing work from a superb team.

  • Varun Babu15th Mar 2016 03:35 UTC

    That's another mammoth project signed off.. on to the next now..!

  • Craig Hacking5th Apr 2016 05:31 UTC

    Well done guys!

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