Over 25% of Radiopaedia articles reviewed in just two weeks!

More than 25% of Radiopaedia.org Reference Articles have been reviewed by a dedicated group of editors over the past two weeks. The first in an ongoing iterative process of reviewing style guide errors aiming to improve radiology reference articles, which are used by thousands of users every day. 

Managing editor Dr Jeremy Jones (United Kingdom) led a global team of volunteer editors consisting of subeditors Dr Prashant Mudgal and Dr Aditya Shetty, site editor Dr Ayush Goel (all of India), anatomy section editor Dr Tim Luijkx (The Netherlands) and fellow managing editor Dr Henry Knipe (Australia). The team reviewed more than 1800 articles in just two weeks, making thousands and thousands of changes.

"We want to create the biggest and most complete radiology resource on the planet. However, with a growing number of contributors updating our 7000+ articles, it is a huge challenge to be consistent. With a team like this who have spent hours of their time finding and fixing stylistic errors, we have got one step closer to our goal. Now we can concentrate on adding more awesome content!" said Jeremy. 

This is the first step in making Radiopaedia.org more consistent, readable and the best radiology resource. For more information on getting involved read the related blog post here.


Dr Henry Knipe is a radiology registrar at The Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, and is managing editor responsible for content development at Radiopaedia.org. Twitter: @DrHenryK.

NB: Opinions expressed are those of the author alone, and are not those of his employer nor of Radiopaedia.org

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Publication date: 2nd Oct 2014 21:55 UTC

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