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20th Jul 2015 23:01 UTC

New features - July 2015

This week we have released a bunch of small improvements to the site, some of which represent significant improvements to the back end of the site. 

Case view

The largest release is that we have replaced the case viewing engine to one similar to that used in presentation mode. This now means:

  1. stacks will start loading from the key image (or middle image if a key image has not been selected); this means that you will get to the important part of the stack straight away rather than having to start at the very top (often blank) image. 
  2. scrolling will be touch responsive on mobile devices (phones / tablets); this will be a huge improvement as previously scrolling was impractical. 


We have instituted a unique radiopaedia ID (rID) for all cases and exposed this in our case information box (to the right of the case images). 

The box is now collapsed by default, as we plan to put all sorts of additional info in there which is not needed for general browsing. Keeps things nice and neat. 

The rID is an excellent way to keep track of where you got images from in a presentation. 

To make this even easier we have also included rID in the 'download image' attribution links. 





Presentation mode

Presentation mode has had a couple of minor tweaks. Firstly the size of the text has been increased (1) and will scale according to your screen size. This will be easier on the eye and much better when presenting cases on projectors. 

Secondly we have changed the attribution at the bottom right corner. The contributing user's name (2) is now a blue clickable link to the contributor's profile, their supporter status is indicated (3) and the rID is exposed (4). Clicking the rID takes you to the case in view mode. 

There is much more to come, so stay tuned for an every bigger and better

Thanks for your continued support. 


28th May 2015 10:29 UTC

Keep track of courses attended

With the launch of Radiopaedia Courses and our (very) successful first course, we have now added the ability for all registered users to keep track of the courses they have attended and from now on print-out attendance certificates. 

Just click on your name (top right) when logged in and select "courses" 


27th Mar 2015 11:44 UTC

New playlist features

We have been putting in a tremendous amount of work into improving our playlists and creating a compelling format to present radiology cases, with full stack and multi-study case support. We have not finished yet, but already this is rapidly becoming a new standard in teaching radiology. 


You can add static images between cases in your playlist. These can be anything, but ideally they are powerpoint / keynote slides exported as images (just go to "save as -> images" or "export as images" menu options in "file"). 

Then click the + where you want to add them, and drag and drop one or more images into you playlist (you need to be in edit mode to do this naturally). 


Hide case components

Sometimes you don't want to show the whole case, but just one study. Or maybe you want to hide the questions etc... Well now you can hide any (or even all) components form a study. Just click the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner of a case thumbnail and toggle visibility. Green eye = visible. Grey eye = invisible. 



Control your presentation with keyboard arrow keys

You can now control your presentation using the keyboard arrow keys.

  • Right arrow key = the orange button 
    • slides = next slide / start of next case
    • cases = next component (or next case if at the end)
  • Left arrow key
    • slides = previous slide / start of previous case
    • cases = previous case; not previous component (yet)
  • Up / Down arrow key
    • slides = N/A
    • cases = scroll up / down if a stack






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