With over 10,000 articles, keeping Radiopaedia.org tidy with a consistent style requires constant work by contributors and the editorial board. To kick off 2017 we undertook a quick review of approximately a quarter of all articles to ensure that the title syntax is consistent and helpful. This also involved reviewing and updating our style guide including defining disambiguation article style

The team consisted of (in alphabetical order): Andrew Murphy, Ayush Goel, Frank Gaillard, Marcin Czarniecki, Pir Abdul Ahad Aziz, Tim Luijkx, Vincent Tatco and Vikas Shah. 

We reviewed 2598 articles and edited over 600 of them. There are bound to be ones still out there, and new ones every day. 

Upwards and onwards! 


Associate Professor Frank Gaillard is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Radiopaedia.org. He is also an academic neuroradiologist and Director of Research in the Radiology Department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital/University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia.

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