A few months ago an update has been published to the WHO classification of CNS tumors (which supersedes the 4th edition of the blue book, 2007 - although officially this version is not considered a 5th edition), which includes a substantial shift in approach, one which will have great implications in years to come.

For the first time molecular characteristics of tumors are included and in many case are more important than the histological features of various tumors.

This naturally has resulted in a flurry of activity, getting up to speed with some of the new nomenclature and updating relevant parts of the site as well as writing some missing articles. Although no doubt there are many other subtle changes in the classification which have not been captured (this would require reading the whole book, and updating every single tumor article) I hope this has captured the most notable changes. 


New articles

Updated articles



A. Prof Frank Gaillard is a neuroradiologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and is the Founder and Editor of Radiopaedia.org. 

NB: Opinions expressed are those of the author alone, and are not those of his employer, or of Radiopaedia.org

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  • Ian Bickle26th Jun 2016 02:10 UTC

    Interesting update and thats a whole heap of new material. TQ

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