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16th Oct 2013 10:23 UTC

Myositis ossificans

This case demonstrates the typical circumferential calcification and lucent center of myositis ossificans. The imaging diagosis is not always as clear-cut as it is in this case, and further imaging may be needed. It is important to avoid biopsy of these lesions, especially in the early prolifferative phases, as histologically myositis ossificans can appear similar to osteosarcoma, and lead to inappropriate management. A clinical history of trauma, even minor trauma, can be very helpful.

Until now, our search page was very picky about how you spelled something. Although that is often just a typo, sometimes it made life difficult. After all, many of us would struggle to remember the correct spelling of Lhermitte-Duclos syndrome... or was that L'Hermite-Duclo? 

It turns out that changing search engine and integrating into the various features on the site (both those visible, and the hidden away admin features) is no small task, and it has taken quite some time and work to get this working. Still, it was worth it.

Our search results are now much more forgiving and accept 'close enough' searches and provide you with both 'did you mean' alternatives and best guess results. 

We are planning on improving the search results further in the near(ish) future, including playlist, blog post and user profiles in the results, but that is a feature for another day. 

Hope this helps, and please let us know what you think. 


11th Oct 2013 11:10 UTC

Radiology Quiz #4

Can you spot the very important finding on these lumbar radiographs? 

double pcl sign

Double PCL sign - appears on sagittal MRI images of the knee when a bucket-handle tear of a meniscus (most commonly the medial meniscus) flips medially and comes to lie anteroinferior to the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), mimicking a second smaller PCL.

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