Case editing limited

Your account is currently limited to having only a certain number of cases "Pending review" at any one time.

Why am I seeing this?

Don't worry. You have not done anything wrong. 

This page is reached when you attempt to publish a new case when you already have other cases "pending review" by our editorial board. 

The reason for this restriction is that some new users were contributing a large number of cases before being aware of our style guide. This imposes an unnecessary burden on our editorial board and results in a flurry of negative moderation events which is not great for anyone. Much better to take a bit of time and get to know each other and the site! 

What do I need to do to not see this anymore?

In most instances, the answer is simply "continue to contribute high-quality cases" and make the changes requested by the editorial board and copy editors. Radiopaedia has a variety of algorithmic measures of "quality" that primarily revolve around the number of edits that are perfectly aligned with our style guide. It is normal for new users' edits to not be quite right and it will therefore usually take many edits before this restriction is lifted. You will not be notified of this, but rather, eventually, your contributions will no longer go through the "pending review" step. 

The best thing to do is to: 

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