Extra-uterine leiomyomata


Additional history obtained: patient had two prior Cesarian sections and two prior myomectomies.

The imaging features of this case show overlap of some of the uncommon growth patterns described in the radiologic literature. The anterior abdominal wall and space of Retzius leiomyomas are likely disseminated along the tract of previous myomectomies (x2). Like parasitic leiomyomas, these lesions likely developed an auxillary blood supply from the tissues in which they were seeded. The pulmonary nodules (in this case) have not been proven to be leiomyomas, but are suggestive of leiomyomas given the other findings. Pulmonary leiomyomas are usually seen in the setting of benign metastasizing leiomyomatosis. 


With thanks to: Drs. E. Van der Merwe, J. Deale, C. Struwig, K. Brundyn, J. Greyling, B. Van der Merwe.

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