Intramuscular myxoma


Intramuscular myxomas are rare benign myxoid lesions, commonly seen in middle-aged women.

On imaging, they are often seen in the large muscles of the thighs, buttocks, or shoulder girdle, and present as well-defined cystic-like lesions with a surrounding rim of fat. They tend to occur in adults around 40 and 60 years with a recognized female predilection (70%). They are associated with fibrous dysplasia as part of Mazabraud syndrome. Our case shows a well-defined homogeneous mass appearing hyperintense on T2W / STIR images and isointense on T1W images relative to surrounding muscle, with a subtle rim of fat. Imaging features, location of the lesion, age group and sex lead to the diagnosis of intramuscular myxoma, which was later confirmed on FNAC.