Fetus in fetu

Case contributed by Yaïr Glick


Neonate with left abdominal distension. No prenatal ultrasound done.

Patient Data

Age: Neonate

There is fullness in the left abdomen with several calcific forms resembling bones.


Two heterogeneous ovoid masses located in the left abdomen, appear retroperitoneal. Both show internal calcific components (bones) but no obvious internal flow.



The masses were removed in their entirety.


An X ray study reveals partially formed skeletons in both "masses", including vertebrae, ribs, and long bones.


Normal follow-up x ray of the neonate.
Nasogastric tube well-placed.

Case Discussion

An extremely rare case of fetus in fetu (or rather, two fetuses in fetu).
The neonate recovered from surgery rapidly and uneventfully.

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