Fibroadenoma - developing lesion

Case contributed by Garth Kruger


Annual screening mammogram. She has a mother and one sister with breast carcinoma.

Patient Data

Age: 45 years
Gender: Female

Baseline (2 years prior to current presentation)


MLO view is normal.

1 year prior to current presentation


This image was read as normal, but with the wisdom of hindsight there is a very small developing density high up in the breast.

Current study


A year later the mass lesion is quite obvious so we added ultrasound.


Small solid lesion which shows microlobulation and with the history and appearance of the lesion, undoubtedly merits biopsy.

Case Discussion

As is usual with breast imaging (and the rest of radiology for that matter), hindsight is perfect. The actual fact is that it poses a learning opportunity even if you were not the reader of the previous studies. 

Understandably this case alarmed the patient and she was very relieved when the lesion turned out to be a fibroadenoma on biopsy.

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