Gastric trichobezoar

Case contributed by Shereen abdelhady Hashim


Chronic constipation and left hypochondrial fullness.

Patient Data

Age: 11 years
Gender: Female

Abdomen erect x-ray shows a heterogeneous ("dirty") shadow under the gastric air bubble, Gastric air-fluid level is not seen (seen as crescent shape).

Different colonic segments are seen full of gases and fecal matter.

No evidence of multiple air-fluid levels.

No abnormal soft tissue calcifications. 


Coronal images of a non-contrast CT show the stomach distended with a large heterogenous mass lesion almost filling the lumen and showing internal dense foci as well as air foci.


Limited ultrasound image (longitudinal plane) shows the difference between the acoustic shadowing of the gastric trichobezoar and the colonic gas shadow.

Case Discussion

Gastric trichobezoar is an uncommon entity, In this case, the girl was eating strange objects mainly hair, some rubber, and papers occasionally.

X-ray erect and CT were done for confirmation of the diagnosis.

The patient underwent surgery and a mass-like lesion full of hair was removed from the stomach.

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